Analyzing Performance in Multifamily Real Estate: Identifying Root Causes

July 18, 2023

Identifying Performance Challenges

Improving performance in the multifamily necessitates a deep dive into the root causes of current performance. It's about going beyond superficial observations and unearthing the systemic issues that may be impacting effectiveness. This process involves scrutinizing several critical areas, from touring practices and property conditions to agent skills and pricing strategies. We'll also look at the importance of analyzing key metrics to make data-driven decisions.

Ineffective Touring Process

One potential area of concern could be the touring process. Tours that lack depth, fail to highlight the property's unique selling points, or do not engage leads effectively can negatively impact conversion rates. Prospective tenants need to be shown units with floor plans that match their needs, helping them visualize their life in the property. An ineffective touring process can create a disconnect between the prospect and the property, leading to missed leasing opportunities. Thus, investing in training for effective tour conducting and emphasizing personalization can significantly improve conversion rates.

Poor Property Condition

The overall condition of the property can significantly influence a prospect's decision. A poorly maintained property or one that lacks cleanliness can be a major deterrent. Similarly, model units that are unappealing or not well-staged may fail to impress potential tenants. These factors can leave a negative impression on potential tenants, undermining their trust in the property management. Regular maintenance, timely renovations, and thoughtful staging of model units can help to counter these issues and present the property in the best light.

Amenities Falling Short

The amenities on offer can be a significant draw for potential tenants. If they do not meet the expectations or needs of prospects, it may result in a decrease in interest or a lower conversion rate after tours. Modern tenants often look for amenities that enhance their living experience and offer convenience. Falling short in this aspect can render a property less attractive in comparison to competitors with superior amenities. Regularly assessing tenant preferences and market trends can guide property managers in improving and updating their amenities.

High or Uncompetitive Pricing

Pricing strategy is key in the multifamily sector. Units priced too high or uncompetitively when compared to similar properties in the area could be a factor in low occupancy rates. Prospects often compare prices of various properties before making a decision. If a property seems overpriced, they are likely to opt for a more economical option. A well-planned pricing strategy, taking into account the unique offerings of the property and the prevailing market rates, can help attract and retain tenants.

Leveraging Metrics to Identify Root Causes

Having identified potential areas of concern, it's essential to support these observations with concrete data. Two key metrics can be especially helpful in determining root causes:

Leasing Agent Performance

Comparing the tour-to-application conversion rates of individual leasing agents can provide valuable insights. Significant disparities may indicate training needs or issues with specific personnel. Additionally, comparing the frequency and effectiveness of follow-ups conducted by different leasing agents can further highlight areas for improvement. Understanding the performance differences among leasing agents can help property managers identify best practices and areas needing improvement, fostering overall team growth.

Feedback from Tours

Collecting and reviewing feedback from leads after tours is a crucial way to identify potential areas of improvement. This first-hand input can offer valuable perspectives on the touring process, property condition, amenities, and the performance of leasing agents. Regularly gathering and acting on feedback can lead to continuous improvements, ultimately increasing tenant satisfaction and conversion rates.

Post-Tour Contact Time

Analyzing the time taken to contact a lead after a tour can reveal if your follow-up procedure is lacking. Quick, consistent follow-ups are often key to converting a prospect into a tenant. By tracking this metric, property managers can assess the efficiency of their follow-up process and make necessary improvements.

Leveraging Vizibly's Decision Studio for Enhanced Performance Analysis and Forecasting

Understanding your current performance is just as crucial as anticipating future trends. With Vizibly's Decision Studio, you get a comprehensive overview of both your current performance and a forecast of where your property is headed, from both an operational KPI and financial standpoint. This insightful feature assists in pinpointing where you need to focus your efforts for optimal results.

Decision Studio is designed to automatically analyze data in your property management system. It intelligently identifies the areas that, when given attention, will yield the best results. This automation streamlines the often time-consuming process of data analysis, closing the gap between analysis and action. It's like having an intelligent assistant that highlights areas of concern or potential improvement, allowing you to act proactively.

In addition to its data analysis capabilities, Decision Studio produces narrative explanations for each section of your business. Whether you need to optimize your leasing strategy, capture renewals more effectively, or minimize your make ready time, Decision Studio provides detailed, easy-to-understand narratives. These insights guide your decision-making process and help you better understand the factors influencing your performance.

One of the standout features of Decision Studio is its ability to provide a score on how your properties are performing against your stated goals. This scoring system offers a quick, at-a-glance understanding of your performance, providing a straightforward way to track progress and adjust strategies as necessary.

Improving performance in the multifamily sector requires a multi-pronged approach. Understanding the potential root causes of current performance, using data to inform decisions, and leveraging powerful tools like Vizibly's Decision Studio can lead to more targeted and effective improvement strategies, giving you the edge in an increasingly competitive industry by ensuring that you're not just keeping up with the trends, but anticipating and preparing for them.

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