Budgeting and Data Analytics for Multifamily Real Estate
Transform your budgeting process and unlock new portfolio insights.
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Eliminate the spreadsheet struggle once and for all.
Transform your budgeting process and unlock new portfolio insights.

Optimize financial performance with a modern forecasting and data analytics platform


Customize and prepopulate budgets quickly and accurately

Forecast with ease with an intuitive workflow designed for community managers


Analyze performance by portfolio, market, or custom segment

Unlock the Power of Driver-Based Modeling
Instantly update assumptions across your entire portfolio
Define operational drivers to build a robust model
Predict current and future financial results
Complete Your Budget With Less Manual Effort
Rapidly budget with guided workflows like "TurboTax for property budgets"
Build and apply formulas with an intuitive calculator
Prefill budgets with known future expenses and import historical data
Develop Action Plans With Real-Time Reporting
Acquire a holistic view of your portfolio's operational and financial health
Rapidly identify the root cause of financial variances with automated performance reports
Get real-time visibility into leading performance indicators and manage proactively to capture new opportunities
Adapt to Changing Market Trends with Scenario Manager
Develop base case, upside, and downside scenarios
Predict the impact of changing market conditions
Understand what operational tools should be utilized to optimize performance
Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets